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Row-wise Shift of Matrix Elements using C++

By Riya Ugemuge

Our task is to shift the elements of the matrix row-wise in C++ programming. That means, we shift the elements of the matrix row by row by a certain value and display the result. W.... Read More

Common Prime Factors of a Two Number using C++

By Riya Ugemuge

Suppose we are given two integers, our task is to find the common prime factors of those two numbers. A basic method two achieve this comprises of two steps. Firstly, by finding th.... Read More

Decimal Number to Hexadecimal Number Conversion in C++

By Riya Ugemuge

Taking a decimal number input from the user, and then performing the decimal to hexadecimal conversion on it, and displaying the final converted result with the help of the C++ pro.... Read More

Check if a Matrix is Symmetric or not in C++

By Riya Ugemuge

Here we’ll try to check if a matrix, taken from the user, fulfills the conditions to be a symmetric matrix or not in C++. What is a symmetric matrix? A matrix is said to be s.... Read More

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