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RGB to Grayscale Image Conversion in Python

By Amandeep Singh

In this instructional exercise, we will show you various manners by which you can change over any picture into Grayscale in Python by utilizing various libraries like scikit-image .... Read More

How to Change font style in matplotlib – Custom font

By Amandeep Singh

By default, Matplotlib visualizations might be ugly. Fortunately for you, a few lines of code can change a lot. Today, we’ll examine typeface changes and discuss why theyR.... Read More

Replace space with underscore in Python

By Amandeep Singh

Strings are a fundamental information type in programming. In Python, we can regard strings as iterable characters and can play out various capabilities and procedures on them. Sup.... Read More

Add a new row to an empty numpy array in Python

By Amandeep Singh

This tutorial will cover how we can generate an empty NumPy array, and various methods to add specific rows to this empty array in Python. Create an empty Numpy Array and append ro.... Read More

Create major and minor gridlines with different linestyles in Matplotlib Python

By Amandeep Singh

Grid lines, which cover the whole chart and indicate the axis divisions, are horizontal and vertical lines. They aid chart viewers in figuring out what value an unlabeled data poin.... Read More

Get all image links from a web page using Python

By Amandeep Singh

Anytime you visit a website, you could find a variety of stuff, from text to photos, music to videos. Sometimes, all you want to do is read the text and skim the material. In other.... Read More

Read meta description and title tag of a web page in Python

By Amandeep Singh

You may learn a lot about a website’s content, the underlying content strategy, or product lines by scraping the titles and meta descriptions from all of its pages. It’.... Read More

Download Youtube playlist as mp3 in Python

By Amandeep Singh

In this article, we will learn how to download all audio videos from any playlist of youtube channels with the help of Python library which is the ‘pytube’ library. Con.... Read More

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