Textlocal India WooCommerce SMS Notifications Plugin Pro

Textlocal India WooCommerce SMS Notifications Plugin Pro
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Textlocal is a well-known SMS API provider to send SMS. When this API will be integrated with WooCommerce, then it will be a great thing to send SMS to your customers from your WooCommerce store.

The Textlocal India WooCommerce SMS Notifications Plugin will enable your WC store to send SMS using Textlocal API. This plugin is using Indian SMS API of Textlocal. So if you are selling products in India from your WordPress site using WooCommerce, then this plugin is a perfect fit for your store.

Now let’s see all the features and functionality of this plugin. Below is given the features of Textlocal India WooCommerce SMS Notifications Plugin:

  • Send SMS all over India using textlocal SMS API.
  • The plugin is able to send a different type of SMS depending upon order status. Send SMS notification for completed order, failed order, canceled order, pending payment, order on hold, on refund and for payment complete.
  • It is easy to disable or enable any type of SMS from plugin settings.
  • SMS can be sent to both buyers and site admin. You have to provide the admin phone number in the settings page to get SMS.
  • You can disable SMS for admin or for buyers or customers.
  • Supports tags to show order currency, total order cost, site name and order ID.
  • No coding required. Plugin settings page available. Here you can set your SMS text, configure the API and settings easily.

To use this WooCommerce SMS sending plugin, you have to visit https://www.textlocal.in/and signup there to get your API key. After you get it to purchase SMS plan and put the API in the plugin configure page.

If you have any other query regarding this WooCommerce SMS extension, then you can contact us directly. We are always happy to help you.