HTML and JavaScript QR Code Generator Script

HTML and JavaScript QR Code Generator Script

HTML and JavaScript QR Code Generator Script is a ready-made source code of a QR code generating tool. This tool is completely ready to use. The only thing you need is to keep it to an online HTML hosting server.

This script has the ability to convert any text or URL into a QR code image.

Below are the features and functionality of this JavaScript QR code generator:

  • Generate QR code for both text and URL.
  • Responsive and beautiful design. That means the design can be automatically fit both desktop and mobile.
  • Create a QR code in real-time. The QR code will be generated while user type text in the text field instantly.
  • Easy to customize, set your own color combination just by modifying a simple CSS file, easy to change logo and texts.
  • No server-side scripting language required. Everything will be done on the client-side.


If you are thinking about purchasing the source code of this QR code generating tool, then please check the live demo first. Then you can buy this script.

After purchasing the script, just unzip it and keep the files inside the directory where you want users to access it. Then you can see your script available live and anyone can access it. Users will able to use this tool as the text to the QR code generator. They can also get the QR code of any URL. The script also able to generate QR code for URL.

Please let us know if you have any questions related to this QR code generator.