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Simple and Easy Way to Flip Image in CSS on mouse Hover

By Faruque Ahamed Mollick

Here in this CSS tutorial, I am going to show you the easiest way to flip an image in CSS when someone hovers the mouse on the image. Flip image in CSS on mouse hover is quite eas.... Read More

How To Add text to image in PHP – Watermarking

By Saruque Ahamed Mollick

Hello learners, here I am gonna show you how you can easily add text to image in PHP. This is like watermarking any image you want. You will be able to use your own text that will .... Read More

Double Equal and Triple Equal in PHP with Difference

By Saruque Ahamed Mollick

Most of the PHP learners are in doubt on double equal and triple equal in PHP. Moreover, they are not sure where to use double equal and where to use triple equal in PHP. So, In th.... Read More

Create a smooth scroll to top button in jQuery

By Faruque Ahamed Mollick

On many of the websites, you may find that after scroll to a certain length towards bottom a fixed button appears. This is the scroll to top button. In most of the cases, it appear.... Read More

How to Parse XML Data in PHP

By Saruque Ahamed Mollick

Hi learners, today I am going to write how to parse XML data in PHP with examples. This tutorial will help you to understand the XML data structure and parsing data from each node .... Read More

Check if String Contains a Specific Word in JavaScript

By Faruque Ahamed Mollick

Today, in this tutorial I am going to show you how to check if a string contains a specific word or not. Here I am going to show you the simple and easy JavaScript code snippets t.... Read More

Find Out What Happened On This Day PHP Script Using Hiztory API

By Saruque Ahamed Mollick

Hello Programmers, Today  In this Tutorial, I am gonna show you a cool PHP Code to show what happened on this day using Hiztory API. To understand this tutorial you should have ba.... Read More

PHP Program to Add Two Numbers Very Easily

By Saruque Ahamed Mollick

Hello Learners, It sounds quite easy to add two numbers in PHP right? PHP program to add two numbers is definitely very easy. As it does not require a bunch of knowledge. But yes t.... Read More