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How to convert JSON string to PHP Array?

By informerfrk

JSON is a well-formatted structure of data which that used to exchange data on the web. JSON is the abbreviation of JavaScript Object Notation and it is a lightweight data-interc.... Read More

jQuey UI Accordion With Demo Code

By informerfrk

jQuery UI is a jQuery based library which can be used as to create user interface interactions, effects and much more easily. You just need to write less code and you will get mor.... Read More

Use of PHP __construct function (PHP Constructor)

By informerfrk

Like many other programming languages, we can also define and use the constructor. The constructor in PHP is so useful and used in both small and large projects. Previously, in PHP.... Read More

AJAX search from MySQL database in PHP example

By informerfrk

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) is very popular on modern websites. On Google, Facebook, YouTube you will see a huge use of AJAX. It is not a programming language, but a .... Read More

Set cookie and retrieve it on web page in PHP

By informerfrk

A cookie in PHP used to store the small amount of data on client side. The cookie actually a small text file that stores small data, nearly about 4KB. Cookies are generally used t.... Read More

Create PHP function with optional parameter or argument

By informerfrk

I have already discussed PHP function and told you how to create a function in this article – What is a function in PHP and why we use it? There I have also shown you how t.... Read More